Outraged Albuquerque Citizens Demand Arrest Of Police Chief

albuquerque-protestersBy Joe Wright

Albuquerque citizens continue to demonstrate that they have had enough of their increasingly violent police department. The Albuquerque Police Department has even had its acronym changed by residents to mean Another Person Dead.

The long-standing dissatisfaction reached a new level following the blatant execution of a homeless man that was passed off as justified by police chief Gordon Eden. You can see the video here and judge for yourself whether proper force was used in this case of “illegal camping.”

The APD is so out of control that even the morally bankrupt Department of Justice was forced into a two-year investigation that resulted in them acknowledging the systematic use of egregious violence and a laundry list of general misconduct.

Despite DOJ’s “recommendations” to focus on additional training, better citizen oversight, as well as the threat of potential lawsuits, citizens seem intent not to wait for bureaucracy to correct itself; they are taking immediate action as you’ll see in the video below.

Albuquerque citizens already have taken to the streets, but have largely been shut down by yet more violence as police have dispersed them with tear gas and have made arrests. Further proving the point of the need for sustained citizen action, even after this violent clash another man was killed under suspicious circumstances following that protest.

Outraged Albuquerque Citizens Demand Arrest Of Police Chief [continued]
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