BREAKING: Missouri Senate Passes Bill Nullifying Obama’s Gun Control


In an attempt to guarantee its citizens’ rights under the Second Amendment, Missouri became the latest of several states in recent years to pass a “nullification” law designed to prevent the enforcement of federal gun control laws within the state’s borders.

The broad-ranging bill passed by the state Senate essentially rejects the federal government’s authority to regulate firearms within the state.

The bill would prohibit state employees from any acts enforcing federal firearms regulations and hold liable for damages any federal employees who attempt to enforce such laws within the state of Missouri.

In addition, the Senate version of the bill refuses future employment by the state of Missouri to any federal employee guilty of contravening the bill’s principles of upholding the Second Amendment.


Prior to clearing the Senate by a vote of 23-8 on April 30, the House passed the measure by a vote of 110-36. Now the bill heads back to the House so that it can consider the changes made by the Senate.

“We want to cause a reason for law enforcement to have a healthy pause before they might infringe on the Second Amendment rights of Missouri citizens,” said Sen. Brian Nieves (R-Washington) sponsor of the bill.

State Democrats argued against the legislation that was nonetheless passed overwhelmingly by both the state Senate and House. The bill was sent back to the House because of language added to the Senate version that had not been passed by the House.

Democratic Governor Jay Nixon is widely expected to veto the bill, having vetoed a similar bill in 2013.

The Second Amendment has come under attack in recent months from prominent Democrats such as former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Attorney General Eric Holder.

At the grassroots level, however, support for gun rights remains strong, with citizens and sheriffs across the nation speaking out about the importance of the constitutional right to bear arms.

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