BREAKING: Eric Holder Tried to Use IRS Targeting to Arrest Conservative Leaders

eric_holder_crosshairs_consIf the IRS targeting scandal has taught Americans one thing, it’s that the government, now overrun with progressives, fears views that differ from their own, and if a person expresses those views, they need to be silenced.

Lois Lerner’s abuse of power to target groups holding to conservative values demonstrates that liberals are not proponents of free speech, but selective speech that lines up with their agenda to create the ultimate “Utopian” society.
Anyone attempting to thwart that mission by standing on principles of freedom and individual responsibility are considered a threat. The IRS is nothing but a tool, as the ones who truly fear conservative thought seem to be a bit higher up the food chain.

Evidence has surfaced that indicates Attorney General Eric Holder and the Department of Justice requested help from Lerner and the IRS to help build criminal cases against conservative groups.
The information was supplied by a subordinate of Lerner’s who revealed to Congress that she had closed-door meetings with the Justice Department.

via Washington Examiner:

“The Justice Department convened a meeting with former IRS official Lois Lerner in October 2010 to discuss how the IRS could assist in the criminal enforcement of campaign-finance laws against politically active nonprofits,” Jordan and Issa said in a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder. “This meeting was arranged at the direction of Public Integrity Section Chief Jack Smith.”
The GOP-led House recently found Lerner, who headed the IRS Exempt Organizations department, in contempt for refusing to testify before the Oversight panel about her role targeting conservative and Tea Party groups seeking 501(c)(4) tax-exempt status.
In October 2010, Lerner delivered an address at Duke University in which she told the audience, “everyone is screaming at us” to fix campaign finance before the 2012 election.
Issa and Jordan said they believe the Justice Department, “contributed to this pressure” on Lerner and other IRS officials to stop right-leaning organizations from achieving tax-exempt status, following a Supreme Court ruling lifting restrictions on their activity.
Democrats were particularly angered by the ruling because they believe it created a surge in social welfare groups who were engaged in blatant political activity, many of them conservative.
“By encouraging the IRS to be vigilant in possible campaign-finance crimes by 501(c)(4) groups, the [Justice] Department was certainly among the entities ‘screaming’ at the IRS to do something in the wake of Citizens United before the 2010 election,” Jordan and Issa said to Holder in the Letter.
Issa and Jordan said they learned of the Justice Department’s involvement from Richard Pilger, the Director of the Department of Justice’s Election Crimes Branch. Issa has subpoenaed Pilger because he would not fully answer the questions asked recently in a closed-door meeting with House oversight investigators, although he did answer some questions and provided a lengthy statement.
In the letter to Holder, Issa and Jordan said they learned the Justice Department contacted Lerner again in 2013 after Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, D-R.I., suggested the Justice Department “prosecute nonprofits for false statements made on the groups’ application forms about whether they intended to engage in political speech.”
Eric Holder has his hands in just about every major scandal that involves the White House, and as a result, should be impeached along with the president.
If Holder truly used his authority and power as the Attorney General to target groups based on their political ideology, he has violated the constitutional rights of American citizens. This kind of behavior is unacceptable, and hopefully, individuals involved with this blatant attempt at thought control will be brought to justice.

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