GOOD: The Grassroots “Pledge to Impeach” Movement is Exploding


A petition to impeach President Obama has garnered tens of thousands of signatures as the grassroots movement to remove him from office gains momentum.

A related pledge to vote for impeachment if elected to national office to has been signed by over forty House and Senate candidates, most recently by Mark Callahan. Callahan, a Republican Senate candidate from Oregon, made national headlines recently after confronting a reporter who was writing, “blah, blah, blah,” instead of quoting another Republican candidate accurately. That other candidate, Jo Rae Perkins, has also signed the pledge.

Citing criminal fraud and treasonous behavior, the petition is part of a larger effort to elect an “Impeachment Congress” in 2014. Pledge to Impeach, the grassroots organization sponsoring the petition, is a project of the Conservative Majority PAC. The movement to impeach Obama is not limited to conservatives, however, as prominent liberals like Ralph Nader have also called for Obama’s removal from office..

The online petition reads:

Yes, I support impeaching and removing Barack Hussein Obama and his fellow collaborators, including Vice President Joe Biden–and I am determined to vote only for those House and Senate candidates in 2014 who are willing to support impeachment and conviction of these corrupt, usurping, derelict individuals upon sufficient evidence.

Both the pledge and the petition from Pledge to Impeach continue to gain signatures amid public statements from a growing number of prominent individuals about the possibility and advisability of impeaching the president.

In addition to Callahan and Nader, the list of individuals calling for impeachment includes former White House official Allen Keyes, Oklahoma Senator James Inhofe, and actor Steven Seagal. Former Florida Congressman Allen West, former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy, and Texas Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst all agree that Congress must impeach the president. At least 15 sitting members of Congress have made comments regarding possible impeachment.

As the movement grows, liberals are beginning to grow concerned that impeachment is a real threat given the increasingly high likelihood that Republicans will take over the Senate as a result of the 2014 midterm elections.


Please share this article on Facebook and Twitter if you are committed to voting for House and Senate candidates who favor impeaching President Obama.

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