Joke of the Day: Kerry Says Obama Administration Most Transparent in History






May 23, 2014 By

Barack Obama has stonewalled, blocked investigations, and written off serious, controversial, and questionable practices by his administration as ‘phony scandals.’ In regards to the failed gunrunning program Fast and Furious, he denied any knowledge of it and even lied saying that it began under the Bush presidency. This was said just shortly after Eric Holder admitted that it began under Obama. With the IRS scandal, he proclaimed for all the world to hear that there was a not a ‘smidgen of corruption.’ This proclamation was made despite the fact that no investigation had been conducted.

The list goes on including new revelations that prove Obama knowingly lied about the Benghazi attacks being not linked to terrorism, but rather occurring in response to an obscure YouTube video. In addition, emails discovered show Obama and his team communicating with YouTube officials DURING the attack, which begs the question, “Were they looking for an escape mechanism in order to protect the president’s reelection chances?”

The list continues including the most recent VA scandal.

Each of these has two thing in common – Obama’s failure to be honest and forthright, as well as no one being held accountable for their actions. In fact, the paid liars have been rewarded with cushy jobs or early retirement and the whistleblowers have been punished.

Despite the reality, Secretary of State John Kerry appears to continue the Obama norm of lying to make his administration look good. At a press conference in Mexico, alongside the Mexican foreign secretary Jose Antonio Meade, Kerry praised Obama’s supposed transparency and lied braggadociously about believing “very, very powerfully in the right of people to privacy”

In response to a question by a reporter, Kerry said, “Well, I believe President Obama will go down in history as the president who has held himself and his Administration accountable to the highest standards of transparency and accountability.”   

This would be laughable if the lies told weren’t so dangerous. But, what more should we expect in regards to a man [Barack Obama] who accepted a transparency award behind closed doors with no reporters allowed.

Obama Administration: Most transparent in history or cloaked in secrecy? Take the Official Tea Party Poll. Click HERE!

H/T The Weekly Standard

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